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Anyone interested in getting involved in the production either on stage or behind the scenes should contact our Director Juliette Coad (07847 926545) or send a message via our contact page.

Our first rehearsal will be on Friday 6th May starting at 7.30 pm at Southdown Church Centre, The Hollow,  Bath.  Come along to find out more!

Undoubtedly, Gilbert and Sullivan's lightest and brightest operetta and their last successful collaboration together.  It has remained popular with amateur and professional groups since its premier at the Savoy Theatre on 7 December 1889.   The show ran for 554 performances on its initial run closing on 30 June 1891.

The story concerns the young bride of the heir to the throne of the fictional kingdom of Barataria who arrives in Venice to join her husband. It turns out, however, that he cannot be identified, since he was entrusted to the care of a drunken gondolier who mixed up the prince with his own son. To complicate matters, the King of Barataria has just been killed. The two young gondoliers must now jointly rule the kingdom until the nurse of the prince can be brought in to determine which of them is the rightful king. Moreover, when the young queen arrives to claim her husband, she finds that the two gondoliers have both recently married local girls. A last complicating factor is that she, herself, is in love with another man.

Principal auditions will take place on Saturday 28th May from 2.30 pm at the Claverton Down Community Hall, Bath


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If you would like to audition, please contact our director Juliette via our Contact Page